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The effect of R F (radio frequency) on Trees

RF Palm

The Palm

The CELL structure of these trees have been altered by the local radio frequency transmissions. This particular tree is just down the road from me on the corner of a busy street but this does not seem to effected by the traffic at all. The owner seems very protective of his palm tree as there is a high security fence around it.

I have as yet seen no coconuts or other fruit or flowers on this palm but I am still hopeful. My wife seems to think that all the radio frequency transmissions in the vicinity might have sterilised the tree. She believes it will never bear fruit but I am sure I have seen many 'clam shells' in the close vicinity.

The Pine

This is a proud tree and appiers on the top of a hill that I pass every day on my way to work. The tree does not produce pine cones but pine nuts. You can see these nuts reflected in many of the cars driving passed.

I have heard rumours that they produce an aphrodisiac effect in those that partake of them but it seems to me the effect is far more noticeable in the behaviour of the cars than the behaviour of humans.

Mind you I have come across one or two humans who loose track of all reality and are compleatly unaware of any thing or anyone around them while in a rap ture.
Pineing for you
Black Wattle

The Black wattle

This is a non indigenous tree and as sutch is considered a weed. There are teems of people going arround cutting them down but they always seem to mis those near the road.

They apear in clumps each indivual tree lost in its own meditations. All trying desperatly to ignore the tree alongside while secretly listening for any tit bit that might be flying arround.
Black Wattle as well
Leaf me Alone

Arbor Mortice

Unfortunatly some trees are not shown the respect that is there due and they get stripped. It is obvoius that this neibourhood did not apreciate good foliage and well looked after arborial cover. I have found trees in this condition ocour more often than not in industrial and semi industrail areas where I must assume they get waped very badly.

This might explain the pitifull condition of the foliage. But this is totaly unacceptable and an unessary state of affaires. Rember in order to fix this problem it just needs to be reported to your local branch manager.