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My Second Pond

I started with a flat lawn. Bog Garden Then we dug out holes for tubs. I found a plastic washing tub at R25.00 a tub. This is strong and deep enough that the roots from the bullrushes will not pearse it like they did with the plastic liner in the last bog garden.
A visit to our local hardware shop produced a hose connector with two nuts so that it can seals to the inside and outside side of a hole in the tub. In the last pond I connected the tubs with a 2 inch pipe and this was not flexable and leaked.
This time I used a one inch garden hose pipe to connect all the tobs together. It is flexable and can be moved while the tubs are being installed. It also seals tight with hose clips and wont leak even under preasure.

Bog Garden The bog garden that I had made big before was single and large and the plants competed with each other. I also made it with a pond liner which was not strong enough to withstand the roots of the bullrushes. It was dificcalt to work in near the edges with out dammaging the liner. This time the Bog garden was seperated into 4 smaller tubs. These were put in the ground and then leveled with a spirit level so that the water level would be the same in each pond. The plastic tub means that the bullrushes will be restricted to one tub and their roots cannot engulf any other smaler plants. I have put papyrus and miniture papirus in another tub. Each tub is linked by a hose to all the other tubs so that the water level remains constant throught. A seperate float chamber is included so that when the garden is watered the pond and bog garden is toped up.

Bog Garden The hose links the pond as well as the bog gardens so that the pond keeps the bog gardens full. This time I had an expert to help me with the design and I learned many things. The first was that the pond I had first created was far too shallow to maintain a stable environment. So this time I have doubled the depth of the pond. I found a round pond shell at 30 cm deep and about 6' in diamater. I dug out the aria in frount of the bog garden just over 6 foot squair and 30 cm deep. Inside this I dug another round hole an aditional 30 cm deep and 6' in diameter

Pond The hole was dug out and then gap between the shell and the whole filled with mud. The fiberglass pond was fitted inside the second hole and made level. A cement and mud mivture was poored around the liner and left to dry. It took two tubs full to fill in the area between the liner and the hole. This was taken out and a drain fitted to the bottom of this pond. There is a square tub at the end of the bog garden.
It has a connector at the bottom of the tub that is connected to the bog garden as well as the pond. The connector at the top of the tub connects directly into a ball valve with a float. This keeps the water level

Pond The upper level of the pond was slightly larger than the round lower part. The bottom of the upper level was leveled out with mud. The walls were also smoothed out with mud.