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Sparrow Babby Sparrow


The sparrow is about half the size of the barbet. We call him Basher as he keeps attacking his reflection in any window he can find. It is almost as if he follows us around bashing the window of the room in which we are working. His family has occupied a nesting box I have hung under the eaves of the house for 8 years running. The latest progeny is here getting fed by his mother
Masked Weaver Weaver Nest

Masked Weaver

He is about the same size as the sparrow. He attempted to build a nest in the top of our plum tree but unfortunately Mrs Weaver was not happy with it and tore it to pieces. After three attempts he moved it to the White Stink wood tree next door which address she seems to have approved of. We see him often in the garden but seldom at the feeding table.
Bronz Manikin

Bronze Manikin

The manikin's are about half the size of the sparrow. These appear in flocks of around 3 to 10 and nest in the Palm tree next door. They are seed eaters and spend their time flitting from the roof of the seed tray to the bushes and back.
The most numerous bird is the dreaded pigeon. Dreaded because they seem to display such human qualities. They sit on the seed tray and squabble and fight over the seed until it has all been brushed off the safe bird tray onto the ground with the cats. In the end one bird becomes champion of an empty seed tray and no one has had any seed.